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Chainmonsters and ImmutableX: Monster-Taming Meets the Blockchain

In 1996, Pokemon took the world by storm. Over two decades later, monster-taming games continue to steal the hearts and eyeballs of gamers across the globe. 

Now, B-Side Games is looking to put a Web3 spin on this nostalgic pastime with its upcoming game, Chainmonsters.

Chainmonsters is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the immersive 3D world of Ancora. In this game, players can catch and collect over 161 unique creatures called Chainmons, each of which boasts different traits and abilities. Players can also trade and combine different types of monsters to battle other challengers across platforms like Epic Games Store, iOS, Android, and consoles, rising through the ranks and earning rewards as they go. 

A German independent game studio, B-Side Games incorporates state-of-the-art blockchain technology into immersive gaming experiences. While it started as a web-based, 2D pixel-style art prototype on Ethereum in 2017, Chainmonsters has since made great progress. Led by co-founders with more than a decade of experience in the gaming industry, Maximilian Weber and Lysander Haupt, Chainmonsters successfully raised a total of $1.55 million from Kickstarter and its community over the past 6 years. To date, the game has over 170,000 pre-registered players. And this number is only expected to rise as more people get into the full experience of Chainmonsters’ ever-expanding universe.

On March 6, 2023, Chainmonsters will unveil its Early Access launch on the Epic Games Store, making it one of the first blockchain games on the platform. The release includes a wide range of game features such as a new crafting system and the ability to catch Chainmons in-game and mint them as NFTs on ImmutableX. 

Using our bleeding-edge ZK-rollup technology, ImmutableX will provide users with secure, gas-free minting and trading of all Chaimonsters digital assets at speeds of over 9,000 transactions per second. The partnership will also bring more exposure and liquidity to the Chainmonsters’ ecosystem as its assets will be distributed across all ImmutableX-integrated marketplaces like Rarible, GameStop Marketplace, and TokenTrove. 

“The ImmutableX technology enables and empowers many of our upcoming exciting game features and provides a great home for our long-term strategy and vision,” said Lysander Haupt, Co-Founder and Creative Director of B-Side Games.

For more information on how Chainmonsters and ImmutableX are building the next monster-taming hit game on the blockchain, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.


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