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Auto Legends and Immutable: Building The Ultimate Web3 Car Enthusiast Experience

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For decades, Need for Speed, Forza, and Gran Turismo have won the hearts of gamers and car enthusiasts across the globe. But while these franchises enable players to fully customize their cars, no game has allowed players to claim true ownership over their creations.

Enter Auto Legends, a free-to-play Web3 drag racing game with esports and creator support. An ode to car culture, Auto Legends lets players build, customize, and own their cars, racing against community members in a complete authentic, social, and competitive experience. 

Driving this vision is the team from Autoverse Studios. Founded by Justin Choi (prev. founder of Cie Games) and joined by Peter Pham (Riot Games) and Dinko Tontchev (EA), the Autoverse Studios team brings decades of experience bringing top titles like Nitto 1320 Legends, Racing Rivals, and Car Town to market across mobile, social, and PC. 

But to realize Auto Legends’ immense potential, the team knows the game must have the necessary infrastructure to scale. With Immutable zkEVM, our EVM-compatible zk-rollup technology, Auto Legends developers and users alike will be able to enjoy custom smart contract support, advanced gameplay mechanics and tokenomics, and a seamless trading experience.

“With Immutable’s web3 expertise, our proven track record, fun gameplay, and strong automotive relationships - Auto Legends will push the genre forward,”  said Autoverse Studios president Peter Pham. “Our game is crafted for those with a passion for cars, and provides an immersive experience where players can form authentic connections, create rivals, and truly celebrate car culture.”

While still early in development, Autoverse Studios has already generated significant support from top investors including Shima Capital and famed auto-maker Horacio Pagani. Auto Legends has also partnered with some of car culture’s most celebrated manufacturers, securing licenses to feature Pagani, McLaren, Subaru, Vorsteiner and Nitto Tires among others, in its in-game lineup. 

For more information on how Auto Legends and Immutable are building the ultimate Web3 car enthusiast experience, explore a new era of play on Immutable, and follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.

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