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Age of Zalmoxis and Immutable: Bringing Romanian History to web3

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Embark on a thrilling journey through time as Wenmoon Studios introduces its groundbreaking web3 game, Age of Zalmoxis

This epic adventure aims to bridge the gap between modern gamers and the mesmerizing world of Romania's cultural heritage, weaving together mythology and history like never before.

Step into a realm of endless possibilities with Age of Zalmoxis' unparalleled character customization options, granting players the freedom to express themselves in ways they've never imagined. Whether it's customizing their avatars or forging unique bonds with majestic mounts from its horse breeding minigame, the immersive experience knows no bounds.

Once within the game's captivating world, players must strategize wisely, navigating resource management and forging powerful alliances to conquer formidable threats and expand their territories. The pulse-pounding gameplay will keep gamers on the edge of their seats, ensuring every move counts in this dynamic world of adventure.

While many web3 games offer open-ended sandboxes, Age of Zalmoxis hopes to offer players a more curated experience. This is best exemplified by the significant work in the game’s narrative and world. In close collaboration with the Romanian Institute of Archeology, Wenmoon Studios hopes to do justice to the legends and myths of the Dacian Kingdom—otherwise known as modern-day Romania.

Pioneering the future of web3 gaming, Age of Zalmoxis plans to create an interconnected world where players can explore, connect, and share their experiences across different platforms.

Ahead of the game’s full release, Wenmoon Studios has released a broad set of NFT collections representing in-game assets, ranging from Origin Souls, Summoned Souls, Land Chests, Collectibles, and Weapons and Armor. 

Two additional NFT collections are slated to release this year, tailored specifically for additional communities who plan to join Age of Zalmoxis’ multi-chain ecosystem. 

All of this is made possible thanks to Immutable zkEVM, our EVM-compatible zk-rollup technology. With Immutable zkEVM, Age of Zalmoxis devs and users can now enjoy custom smart contract support, advanced gameplay mechanics and tokenomics, and a seamless trading experience.

In the words of Marius Urbaniak, Wenmoon Studios CEO:

"By integrating Immutable's groundbreaking blockchain technology, we are expanding the horizons of our gaming ecosystem and offering our users unparalleled opportunities. This partnership empowers our players with true ownership of in-game assets, seamless cross-chain interoperability, and enhanced security.”

With an already-dedicated community of 27,000 supporters between Twitter and Discord, Age of Zalmoxis is set to release its Alpha in Q1 2024 on Immutable zkEVM!

For more information on how Age of Zalmoxis and Immutable are building the first Romanian history inspired multi-chain gaming ecosystem, follow our growing gaming ecosystem, and tag along on Twitter and Discord!

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