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5 ImmutableX Games Available on GameStop’s NFT Marketplace 2022

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After announcing the partnership in February, ImmutableX is proud to share that the GameStop NFT marketplace is officially live!

Below are some of the biggest ImmutableX games you’ll find on the GameStop marketplace in 2022:

Cyber Galz

Designed for cyberpunk and sci-fi fans alike, Cyber Galz is a play-to-earn combat game and metaverse featuring female humanoid NFTs from the future. Apart from boasting incredible fighting abilities and metaverse utility, each gynoid features random combinations of 4 fixed and 5 changeable attributes. Galz Masters (NFT holders) can also add and remove attributes as they please, making each of their gynoids even more unique.

Deviants’ Factions

Deviants’ Factions, a play-to-earn strategic trading card game, provides players with an immersive gaming experience by weaving fictional narratives into real-world events. The player’s main objective is to destroy their opponent's headquarters by strategically building a powerful eight-card deck, which can be composed of either Characters or Technologies. Players can choose to battle against other live players or against an A.I. that’s piloting their competitors’ decks. Similarly, users can let an A.I. handle their cards, allowing them to compete even if they’re offline.

Guild of Guardians

Marvel in the thrilling world of magic, dungeons, orcs, elves, and more with Guild of Guardians a free-to-play, play-to-earn multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). After assembling a team of Guardians, players will guide their squad into dungeon combat. In battle, players can earn experience and resources which can be further used to craft in-game assets items or summon Heroes. Heroes and other assets can be bought, sold, and traded on all ImmutableX integrated marketplaces. 

Ember Sword


Ember Sword is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in a player-driven virtual world. In this game, players have complete liberty to explore an open, dynamic universe where they’re not limited to merely achieving a specific goal. They can choose to defend their nation through combat or simply be a friendly gatherer and trader of goods and collectibles. What’s more, they can participate in or produce new experiences, change the landscape, or even influence the game economy.

Immortal Game

Immortal Game puts a new spin on one of the oldest and the most played board games in the world — chess. This blockchain game allows players to own their NFTs in the form of embellished chess pieces called Immortals. Each Immortal is linked to optional quests favoring particular play styles. When each game is completed, players can earn leaderboard points and other epic rewards. This makes Immortal Game not only more entertaining but also extra challenging as it requires everyone to up their strategy.

While ImmutableX’s and GameStop’s long-awaited partnership has already onboarded millions of mainstream players into Web3 gaming, the integration also allows everyone to earn $IMX tokens through the IMX Trading Rewards program. In addition to the launch of the marketplace, we have also teamed up to launch a $100 million creator grant program where we will use $IMX (the ImmutableXcoin), to fund the next great creators of NFT content and technology. 

Want in? Visit the ImmtuableX NFT Marketplace to start trading and apply for the IMX grant program here. 


IMX Knowledge Base
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