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Do you know any game changers? Here at Immutable, we are always looking for people who think differently and want to solve new problems that have never existed before.

Our external referral program rewards you for introducing us to game-changing talent. You don't need to work at Immutable to take part. If your referral is hired, you will get paid!

How much can I earn?

If you are eligible and subject to rewards you can earn up to $5,000AUD.
Head of Department


Who can refer to Immutable?
How and when will I be paid?
Who is eligible for a referral fee?
How do I find out the status of my referral?

How do I refer?

The 'send a referral' screen on BoonThe 'Candidate Information' screen on Boon
Step 1
Input your full name and email address, click next.
Step 2
Complete the details of your referral. We’ll need their full name, email address, and LinkedIn profile.
Step 3
Select the opportunity you would like to put them forward to. If you’re not sure of the role, select “Expression of Interest” and our TA team will look after them.
Step 4
Add your message to let your referral know about the opportunity, and send a message to us as well.
Step 5
If you want to strengthen the referral, you can add additional information about their skills and the nature of your relationship. Otherwise, you can skip and send.
You’ll receive email updates with the status of your referral. You can also follow the link contained in the email to see the status of all your referrals in one place.


I was referred to Immutable by my ex colleague Nigel Lee. What excited me about joining Immutable and the role was the chance to learn a new domain, tech stack and work alongside smart people. I love working at Immutable as I learn new things everyday, collaborate with team members from diverse backgrounds and we get to have fun!
Yundi Fu
Engineer @ Wallets, ImmutableX
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What makes me eligible for a referral fee?
How will I be paid?
What are the conditions of being paid?

Know someone?

Immutable reserves the right to modify or end this program for any reason and at any time. By clicking “Sign Me Up” below, you will be deemed to have accepted these Terms as at that date.