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With security, mass adoption and simplicity for gamers in mind, WAGMI Games has partnered with Immutable X. This symbolises a landmark for Wagmi Games as it eliminates gas fees or the need to own a crypto wallet to participate in crypto gaming. Not only does this partnership provide an effortless transition for normal gamers who have not touched crypto before, it ensures safety as provided by the L2 network

About WAGMI Games:

The year is 3022. Aliens have violated a galactic treaty and invaded Earth to steal its core element: NiFe. Humans have joined forces from around the globe to form "WAGMI Defense" in order to defend the planet from the invaders. The game is a battle to defend your bases and claim victory.

In this Sci-Fi Tower Defense Game, you have the choice to play humans or aliens and  defend your towers to the end in this live-action strategy. Strategically place your troops, set your traps and defend your towers at all costs to prove you’re the best, all in under 3 minutes per match. With every game you win, you acquire NiFe (in-game resource) and for every skill-based contest you join, it’s “winner takes all”. The competitive PvP matches will challenge you in every way to come up with unique strategies to become the best of the best.

Take your pick of different offensive cards that include unique troops and units, cool laser attacks, super sonic waves, and other futuristic assaults. Each card comes with strengths and weaknesses so planning your defense and offense is essential. In-game cards are upgradeable which increases their attack and HP in addition to making the NFTs inherently more valuable as you level them up.

Best of all, WAGMI Games is focused on the lore and story of the game. Each character has a backstory and has overcome many obstacles in their lives; further enhancing the WAGMI mantra, “We’re All Gonna Make It.”Every player gets the chance to win NiFe (in-game resource) and medals for winning battles and the chance to earn war chests that contain goodies such as in-game resources, accessories, emotes and other goodies usable in the game.We will also release ultra-rare items that only the hardest grinders in the game can get that will include cash prizes, special edition cards and bragging rights.

Our PVE rollout will be part of V2 with direct payouts of the WAGMI token to players for conquering levels. Conquer your way through each unique map that’s themed in a futuristic world.

The mission of WAGMI Games is to bridge the gap between traditional and casual gamers and web3 elements. We are focused on simplifying the process of onboarding non-crypto users, and simply educating gamers that through digital asset ownerships (NFTs) they now have the power to trade and sell their assets.

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