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Undead Blocks and Immutable X: Bringing Power to the Players

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With the emergence of popular play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain games like Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained, gaming studios and developers alike are recognizing a fundamental shift in gaming. For the first time in history, power is being rewarded to the players.

Now, Undead Blocks, the highly-anticipated AAA blockchain-native, multiplayer first-person-shooter (FPS) game courtesy of Wagyu Games, has joined our expansive Immutable X ecosystem to usher in a new subsection of P2E gameplay to the forefront: Kill-To-Earn. 

Built on the Ethereum mainnet, Undead Blocks lets players choose from a selection of weapon NFTs to battle their way through hordes of Zombies, and earn ZBUX tokens in the process. Players can then exchange their ZBUX into Gold ZBUX, which can be redeemed for fiat or swapped for other cryptocurrencies. 

Meanwhile, UNDEAD, the game’s utility and governance token, is used to purchase weapon NFTs and to participate in key decisions regarding the future of the Undead Blocks game ecosystem. It can also be staked for further rewards and NFT prizes.

Like many blockchain games, Undead Blocks seeks to address the well-established problem within the gaming industry: the one-sided value exchange between gamers and game creators. After years of gamers investing time, money, and effort into their favorite titles with little to no ability to generate value from their investments, a new medium for value creation is surging. By tokenizing in-game assets as NFTs, blockchain games allow players to own, retain, and, financially benefit from their in-game performance. 

With the help of Immutable X’s powerful ZK-rollup technology, Undead Blocks empowers gamers with ownership of their weapons, skins, and other in-game digital assets as fully-carbon neutral NFTs, all of which can be upgraded, bought, sold, and traded, gas-free on the Ethereum blockchain. 

“Prior to partnering with Immutable X, the largest problem we faced was the gas. Gamers want to be able to trade their assets but they don't want to pay fees for doing so,” says Grant Haseley, Executive Director at Wagyu Games. "Removing this pain point allows us to stay on the most secure blockchain as we attract the largest gaming audience possible over the next decade.”

As Undead Blocks expands to Mac, PC, and mobile gaming, we are excited to continue on our mission to advance the next generation of web4 games by providing the ability to mint millions, if not billions, of gas-less NFTs. And by being part of the Immutable X ecosystem, Undead Blocks will also receive additional support from the team around NFT distribution, tournaments, and gameplay improvement as it scales to the masses. 

For Haseley, it’s this ongoing collaboration that’s made partnering with Immutable so exciting. 

“Immutable prioritizes fun gameplay over all else. I’m grateful for the relationships I’ve built within the IMX community, working with talented folks like Brendan Stock, Rius Chua, Jack Austin, and Dave Friedman every single day to find new ways to make our game as fun as possible.”

For more information on how Undead Blocks and Immutable X are building the first immersive multiplayer kill-to-earn FPS game, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.


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