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Cross the Ages: Trading Reward Spotlight

Image alt text: Cross the Ages Trading Rewards Spotlight, Trade Cross the Ages NFTs on any marketplace and earn IMX!
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The Partner Spotlight is a special edition of Trading Rewards where the Community has a chance to earn rewards for supporting key Immutable games.  Our partners, everything from games to marketplaces, are a critical part of the Immutable ecosystem and we are invested in their success. 

In partnership with Digital Worlds Foundation, we are excited to announce the next Partner Spotlight featuring Cross the Ages, a world-class game built on Immutable. A fast paced tactical trading card game of territory conquest, Cross the Ages has achieved amazing success with over 100,000 downloads since March 29th.

To celebrate Mantris Season 2, the community will be rewarded with up to 50,000  $IMX tokens daily! Cross the Ages continues to go from strength to strength and there has never been a better time for our community to get involved! 

The Cross the Ages Spotlight features a flat daily reward pool and only trades of Cross the Ages collections will count towards your Trading Rewards eligibility during the Spotlight. While Trading Rewards eligibility will not be limited to a specific marketplace, trades of other non-Cross the Ages collections will not be eligible for Trading Rewards.

The Cross the Ages Spotlight will run from midnight UTC on August 21 until midnight UTC on August 27th  - Here’s how it works:

  1. Make sure you have a registered wallet on Immutable
  2. Each day you trade (buy or sell NFTs) $10 USD worth or more of eligible Cross the Ages collections on the Immutable protocol, you will receive points for those trades
  3. There's a global daily limit on the number of points that can be earned. Once the global limit is reached, you won't earn any points until the next day when the limit resets at 12am UTC. 
                i. You can track the global points limit on the Trading Rewards Dashboard
  4. At the end of each day at 12am UTC, the points you earned will be converted into $IMX tokens and your wallet's points will reset. 

                i. You can track the point to conversion ratio on the Trading Rewards Dashboard
  5. The daily amount of $IMX tokens available for distribution as rewards will be up to 50,000 $IMX (Up to 50,000 $IMX per day during the Cross the Ages Spotlight)
  6. $IMX token rewards will be calculated and distributed every day at 12am UTC. Allow for at least 2 hours for the rewards to reach your wallet.

*The $IMX token is issued by Digital Worlds NFTS Limited (Digital Worlds). Immutable Pty Ltd is an independent service provider to Digital Worlds. For more information on the Trading Rewards program please visit

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