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Tiny Colony and ImmutableX: Humanoid Ants, Epic Tales, and Digital Ownership

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The best Web3 games are those that can be enjoyed by both traditional gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike. 

Tiny Colony is a perfect example. 

Tiny Colony is an expansive pixelated construction and management simulation game where players can immerse themselves in the rich lore while building an advanced humanoid ant colony to earn in-game resources,  assets, and many other items in the Tinyverse. Designed for asset ownership, players can choose from numerous factions and defend their colony from raiders, complete quests, and design an efficient and sustainable colony ecosystem.

Since raising $3 million through an initial token launch, the team at Tiny Colony has been working diligently to build out the game. Soon after, Tiny Colony earned its spot as the highest-selling mint on Fractal marketplace with over 18K NFTs sold, raising an additional $2.7 million.

Much of this initial success can be attributed to the experience of Tiny Colony’s team, investors, and advisors. Led by co-founder Arshia Navabi, the Tiny Colony team brings decades of experience working at companies like EA, PlayStation Studios, Netflix, and Disney. Meanwhile, advisors like Justin Kan, Danny Wilson, and David Wurtz bring additional tech, gaming, and business expertise. 

Now, with the help of ImmutableX, Tiny Colony is migrating from Solana to take the next step toward scale. 

Using our powerful ZK-rollup technology, Tiny Colony will empower players with full ownership of their in-game digital assets as fully-carbon neutral NFTs, all while leveraging the security of the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, ImmutableX will offer a seamless, gas-free trading experience with speeds of up to 9,000 transactions per second and the ability to purchase Tiny Colony assets on the all marketplaces integrated with the ImmutableX global shared orderbook. 

We here at Tiny Colony are incredibly excited to continue building our passion project,” said Tiny Colony co-founder Arshia Navabi. “Our partnership with ImmutableX is game-changing for our game; not only are they able to provide the support and tools for our development and blockchain integrations, but they also share the same passion and goal of building fun, long-lasting games for a variety of gamers to enjoy.

The end goal? To continue building a Web3 gaming space that invites gamers from all genres and demographics to play fun and engaging games in a safe and sustainable environment. 

For more information on how Tiny Colony and ImmutableX are building a pixelated realm of highly advanced, humanoid ants fighting for survival, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.

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