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IMX Updates

The Next Evolution of Immutable’s Developer Experience

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We’re incredibly passionate about building a world-class experience for developers at Immutable. Immutable has built a powerful web3 infrastructure and ecosystem so you can focus on building a mainstream-ready project. Developers like you power our protocol by creating games, content, marketplaces, apps, and tools that live at the heart of the Immutable ecosystem - and we know how critical it is to provide you with a seamless and reliable experience. 

Our strategy to deliver a world-class developer experience remains consistent: empower developers across three main pillars of execution:

  1. Developer tools
  2. SDKs
  3. Documentation

Since our last update, we’ve listened to feedback, prioritised areas of opportunity, and taken meaningful steps to improve each of the areas mentioned above. We’ve now released Core SDKs in Typescript, Golang, Kotlin, and Swift. We have also completely revamped the design and content of our documentation website. Let’s dive deeper!

Developer Tools

Developer Hub

Designing a new and improved way for developers to engage with our products continues to be a priority. In a few weeks, we’ll launch the ImmutableX Developer Hub - a tool that empowers developers to onboard, build, test, launch, iterate, understand, and manage their integration. The Developer Hub will serve as the primary touchpoint for builders as they navigate the development process and provide access to everything from code samples to real-time support. More information to come on this soon!


Immutascan is an indispensable tool for both users and developers on ImmutableX. It’s currently community maintained, but we’re working with its creator to make it an Immutable-owned platform with well-defined SLAs and status updates. Once we’ve addressed some of the tool’s performance issues and ensured consistent data accuracy, our objective is to launch Immutascan for the testnet [goerli/sandbox].


Core TypeScript SDK v1.0

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our stable Core TypeScript SDK v1.0! We listened to your feedback, spent a lot of time iterating on the interface of the Core SDK, and made the following improvements:

  • Exposed fewer public methods to make it easier for us to maintain the SDK.
  • Created a single entry point for the SDK to improve discoverability
  • Introduced clear response and error types
  • Simplified complex types required for creating trades, orders and transfers
  • Completely eradicated the confusing fp-ts library.

The new Core Typescript SDK’s improvement statistics tell the story of improvements we’ve achieved:

  • Hand-written code reduced from 10,589 lines to 2,365 lines (down 78% 📉)
  • Package size reduced from 1.9MB to 668kB (down 65% 📉)
  • Minified package size reduced from 575kB to 195kB (down 67% 📉)
  • External dependencies reduced from 42 to 9 (down 79% 📉)
  • The number of publicly-exposed functions was reduced from hundreds to just 45 via one ImmutableX class, making it easy to understand all the functionality on offer.

If you’re using the older imx-sdk or versions of the Core SDK, you should consider migrating to fully avail yourself of all the benefits of this revamped Core SDK. Read the migration guide to learn more about when you should migrate and the process involved.

Golang SDK

We recently released the alpha version of the Golang Core SDK. And we’re happy to announce that v1.0-beta will be released next week! The time we invested in iterating on the interface of the Typescript SDK helped us optimize the Golang SDK and launch on an accelerated timeline. The Golang Core SDK has all the goodness of the Typescript SDK and more:

  1. A clean and easy-to-understand interface
  2. Lean package size 
  3. Most of the API client code is auto-generated using the OpenAPI generator
  4. Pre-written workflows for interacting effortlessly with the Immutable APIs.
  5. Get started quickly with examples of how to use the SDK!

The Golang SDK is apt for interacting with the ImmutableX APIs in the following ways:

  1. Enabling your game backend to interact with the Immutable APIs
  2. Building a trading bot on the global order book to market-make or provide liquidity!

We encourage developers to use the Golang SDK and give us feedback! Check out the examples on how to get started using the Golang SDK! If you find a bug, please file a GitHub issue

Looking Ahead

Although we’ve successfully delivered Core SDKs in Typescript, Golang, Kotlin, and Swift, we aren’t stopping there. We plan to release Core SDKs in C# by Q1 2023 and C++ by Q2 2023. We’ll also be looking into releasing a Python Core SDK in 2023. Additionally, to ensure developers have an easy way to integrate with ImmutableX when building their games with Unity and Unreal Gaming engines, we’re committing to releasing a Unity SDK by Q1 2023 and an Unreal SDK by Q2 2023. 


Developer Documentation Redesign

We have taken a long look at our existing documentation and reviewed the feedback you provided via developer channels (Discord, partners, etc.) We addressed all significant concerns regarding documentation. Our new documentation offers a seamless experience for developers using ImmutableX to build and scale web3 games on Ethereum.

Our docs update contains the following:

  • New content architecture and navigation to make information easier to find
  • Information on our SDKs and how you can maximise their effectiveness
  • Comprehensive guides, with code samples, for ImmutableX’s essential products & functionality
  • In-depth knowledge base to ensure developers have all the information they need to develop web3 applications successfully.

Start building today

If you’re interested in learning more about ImmutableX and the benefits of building on it, check out:

Need help or feedback?

Get help!

If you’re having trouble with the development process or would like assistance from the Immutable team, our support team is always available to help!


Create an issue on our docs Github repository to let us know if the information is missing or what else you’d like to see. Have a guide or tutorial that you’d like to contribute? Open a pull request or request for feedback on your idea on our developer Discord channel.

Rate us!

We collect documentation quality scores on each page, allowing you to rate a page out of 5 and provide additional feedback if you’d like.


On our developer Discord, you can contribute to the developer discussion, connect with other community members and give direct feedback to members of the ImmutableX team as well.

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