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SuperDuper and Immutable: Building The Future of Cross-Platform IP on the Blockchain

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Over the past decades, Pokémon has firmly established itself as the most valuable intellectual property (IP) worldwide, owing much of its success to an exceptionally executed cross-market content strategy.

During the turn of the millennium, Pokémon was everywhere. From Gameboys to television,  both kids and adults faithfully followed Ash Ketchum's adventures every week and enthusiastically traded Pokémon cards with their friends both in person and online.

SuperDuper believes that this multi-pronged approach will be instrumental in onboarding the next 100 million users onto the blockchain. Since the launch of its first IP Overlord, in January 2022, the brand has driven north of $200 million in trading volume from primary and secondary sales, and $22 million in net revenue, cementing itself as the second most profitable brand in blockchain gaming. 

By partnering with veteran game studios & a strategic game development advisory board, Overlord acts as the creator and publisher of gaming titles for their hyper-engaged community of users. 

Using Immutable, players across SuperDuper’s entire portfolio of Web3 games will benefit from lightning-fast, gas-free trading of digital assets at speeds of up to 9,000 transactions per second. And as the Overlord IP and SuperDuper brand ecosystem continue to grow and evolve, all of its assets will be featured across all Immutable-integrated marketplaces, including Rarible, Token Trove, and GameStop marketplace.

"We are thrilled to announce Overlord's strategic partnership with Immutable. This collaboration supercharges our web3 gaming experiences by providing true digital ownership through NFTs, in line with Immutable's mission,” said SuperDuper co-founder Dom Smith. 

To support its ambitious vision, SuperDuper has enlisted the assistance of prominent names to expedite its growth beyond the world of gaming. The SuperDuper group is managed by Three Six Zero, known for handling Will Smith and Calvin Harris, and is represented by WME, the world's largest entertainment agency. These connections have opened doors for the Overlord brand, enabling it to capitalize on various high-profile growth opportunities including: 

  • A partnership with Seth Green’s Emmy award-winning animation studio Stoopid Buddy Stoodios to create an animated series based on Overlord's Creepz IP for major streaming services
  • Merchandise developed by West Brand Lab, a fashion lab led by former leaders from Nike, Lululemon, and Levi's
  • An upcoming toy deal for distribution throughout major U.S. retailers. 

According to Joe Carnell (Superduper co-founder), it’s the creation of strong cross-platform IP coupled with true digital ownership that will lead to an unprecedented Web3 gaming experience.

“Prepare for amplified transmedia engagement across gaming, TV/Animation, Fashion, and Merchandising. We're on a mission to reshape the digital landscape, making you, the player, the real owner.”

For more information on how SuperDuper and Immutable are building the future of IP, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.


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