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Rune Realms and Immutable: Creating a Gamified Web3 Investment Experience

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To win the all-out melee for Web3 gamers’ attention, studios must create innovative game experiences with a strong focus on player engagement and community growth.

MetaStudio is doing exactly that with its upcoming title, Rune Realms.

Rune Realms is a gamified investment experience where users can mint two unique classes of playable NFTs, Golems and Shrines, to earn a percentage of MetaStudio’s revenue. Available for purchase via direct mint or secondary marketplace, players can then merge four golems of the same type to increase their rarity, along with their potential earning power. 

Shrines allow players to stake up to four golems at a time to activate their revenue share percentage. This percentage share is derived from all revenue sources generated by MetaStudio including future games developed post-mint, outsourcing revenue, and more.  

As MetaStudio works on building unparalleled gaming experiences, Immutable will provide the necessary resources to scale and reach a vast player base.

“Partnering with Immutable is a game-changer for MetaStudio. Their Checkout feature will smooth out transactions, making Web3 in-game purchases seamless for our players across the globe​,” says Carlos Domingues, CEO of MetaStudio. “Passport will not only make Web3 access a breeze but also secure our players' assets, while connecting us to a thriving marketplace network - a bold step towards the future of gaming.”

Founded in Braga, Portugal, MetaStudio is an innovative game studio specializing in publishing top-tier mobile games and Games as a Service (GaaS). Led by co-founders Carlos Domingues, Ted Davis, and Manny Fragelus, the team has contributed to blockbuster projects such as Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Guild Wars, and more. Owing to their decades of entertainment industry experience, MetaStudio has already found multiple successes in its short three year life span. 

To date, the studio has released five games, with one, Retro Machina, winning the prestigious Brazil’s Independent Games (BIG) award. It also secured $16 million in funding, setting the stage for even more exciting ventures, including an upcoming game called Rune Realms Clash, which is set to launch in August. Moreover, MetaStudio is also actively involved in the development of other noteworthy Web3 projects, such as Marvin Inu’s Marvin Survivor and Metacade’s Web3 gaming platform.

For more information on how Rune Realms and Immutable are building the next great Web3 gamified investment experience, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.

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