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PlanetPalz and Immutable: Embarking on an Interplanetary Web3 Adventure

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With unprecedented accessibility, strategic gameplay, and vibrant communities, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games such as League of Legends and Dota 2 have long served as a pillar of the gaming ecosystem. 

Building on the genre’s enduring popularity, Interplanetary Games Ltd. is looking to bring the MOBA experience onto the blockchain with its upcoming Web3 game, PlanetPalz.

Set in the vast universe of PlanetPalz, PlanetPalz is a play-and-earn strategy game that merges fast-paced MOBA battles with multiplayers guilds. The game features two character forms, each with unique strengths and characteristics: Elder and Titan Planets. Derived from the original NFT planets sold on the Cardano blockchain, Elders produce trace materials which players can collect and refine. Titans are created from these trace materials and take humanoid forms.

Players can deploy their Titans in battle across different game modes, competing individually in ranked leagues or even forming guilds to conquer territories in the PlanetPalz world. Similarly, they can equip Titans with accessories and weapons to enhance their characteristics and performance in the battlefield. By winning battles, players can earn rewards such as elements, materials, and the in-game token Galaxy Dust ($DUST).

From streamlining the sign-up process to removing cost barriers, PlanetPalz aims to enhance its accessibility with the goal of onboarding countless Web2 gamers. But to fully realize this vision, it needs a robust infrastructure to scale.

Using our EVM-compatible zk-rollup technology, Immutable zkEVM, PlanetPalz can now enjoy custom smart contract support, advanced gameplay mechanics and tokenomics, and a secure and seamless trading experience at near zero cost.

“Bridging to Polygon is made a breeze with Immutable. Opening us up to a wider audience of Web3 gamers and easing our development timeline, benefiting both our team and our players,” says William Baker, Founder and COO of Interplanetary Games Ltd.

Behind PlanetPalz is a passionate team of gamers, developers, and artists lead by brothers Luke Baker (CTO), a skilled dev who built the first Cardano NFT marketplace, and William Baker (COO), a seasoned designer and entrepreneur. By combining their expertise in design and software development, PlanetPalz is committed to crafting both a top-tier gaming experience and a thriving ecosystem filled with economic possibilities for players. And their progress toward this target is well underway.

During its initial NFT launch in 2021, PlanetPalz NFTs sold out all 12,000 of their initial NFTs, raising $500,000, which independently funded the entire project. Since then, the community has grown to reach more than 2,200 NFT holders, 10,000 social media followers, 1,000 pre-launch registered users, and 40 guilds. 

In March 2023, the team also conducted a two-week minimum viable product (MVP) test for PlanetPalz, captivating hundreds of users in an event dubbed “The League of Blockchain.” Following this early success, plans are now in place to roll out the online beta and official game launch in 2024, as well as a mobile release in 2026.

For more information on how PlanetPalz and Immutable are building the ultimate space-themed MOBA blockchain game, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.

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