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MoonStrike is now #onIMX: Combat, Basebuilding, and Digital Ownership

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Over the last decade, both studios and gamers alike have welcomed free-to-play games with open arms. But, while free-to-play brought much-needed innovation to the industry, the relationship between studios and gamers is still largely unbalanced.

Winning the hearts, eyeballs, and wallets of gamers across the globe, free-to-play games like Fortnite, Clash of Clans, and Call of Duty primarily monetize by selling in-game digital assets and downloadable content. However, until recently, gamers have never been able to truly own or extract value from the assets they acquire in-game.

Today, blockchain-based games like MoonStrike are shaking up the industry in the best way possible.

Moonstrike is an up-and-coming blockchain-based sci-fi multiplayer shooter game, combining competitive PVP shooter combat alongside base-building and resource collection. Developed on Unreal Engine, Moonstrike features stunning aerospace graphics and an expansive moon land map complete with ranged and melee weapons, jetpacks, vehicles, meteors, storms, and a wide range of other unknown anomalies.

The goal? Survival.

MoonStrike players are catapulted into 5v5 warfare, strategically tasked to gather resources, craft bases and items, and manage dwindling oxygen levels to optimize combat positions and acquire as much land as possible.

But perhaps most impressive is MoonStrike’s plan for an expansive in-game economy consisting of weapons, gadgets, resources, land, vehicle, and Battle Pass NFTs, all of which can be bought, sold, staked, and traded on Moonstrike’s marketplace.

With over ten years of video game design experience, Moonstrike’s team of seasoned gaming veterans and developers brings a wealth of industry knowledge from their previous work on classic titles like World of Tanks, Nitro Nation Drag, Airline Commander, and more.

It’s this experience that earned Microsoft’s ID@Azure Program grant, and allowed Moonstrike to build a strong buzz out of the gate, amassing a following of over 200,000 loyal supporters across Discord and Twitter.

But to reach MoonStrike’s full potential, it needs the technological infrastructure to scale to the masses. And that’s exactly where Immutable comes in. With the help of Immutable X’s powerful Layer 2 scaling technology, MoonStrike provides gamers with full ownership of all in-game digital assets as fully carbon-neutral, gas-free NFTs. And with access to the Immutable X global order book, all in-game assets will be broadly distributed across major marketplaces, providing unparalleled reach to all Moonstrike-based NFTs.

It’s this extensive infrastructure that has already made Moonstrike’s partnership with Immutable X a real success, says Moonstrike’s founder Max Vysochanskiy.

“Finally, we can bring real mass adoption of the game for all players — traditional ones without blockchain experience and crypto-friendly ones,” he said. “Our partnership with Immutable X will help drive all-in-game transaction costs to almost zero, allowing them to buy and sell NFTs with lightning-fast transaction speeds and great security.”

For more information on how Moonstrike and Immutable X are building the first blockchain sci-fi multiplayer FPS game, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.

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