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MetaFight and ImmutableX: Bringing MMA to the Metaverse

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Over the last decade, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has transformed from a sport once reserved for a small group of fighters and enthusiasts into a global phenomenon. Much of this rise can be attributed to the growth of the UFC which has seen revenue growth of nearly 21% year over year and turned fighters like Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier, and Khabib Nurmagomedov into household names. 

Now with the sport more popular than ever, MetaFight is looking to bring this admiration for mixed martial arts onto the blockchain. 

MetaFight is the world’s first fight-and-earn blockchain trading card game, empowering players to build a virtual gym, collect the NFTs of their favorite fighters, and put their skills to the test. Each fighter’s NFT card is suited with various degrees of rarity and MetaFight scores, directly translating to effectiveness inside the cage.

As Gym Managers, players will be responsible for all aspects of the fighters’ careers, providing them with the tools and training to dominate in both single-match and league-based combat. To increase the abilities of their fighters, players will have the option to add additional trainers and equipment to their gym with the purchase of equipment NFTs and Booster Packs. Along with these add-ons, players can also swap, buy, sell, and trade fighters through the MetaFight secondary marketplace. 

Using our powerful ZK-rollup technology, ImmutableX will enable the gas-free minting of all MetaFight in-game digital assets as fully-carbon neutral NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. All assets will also be featured across all ImmutableX-integrated marketplaces like GameStop Marketplace and Rarible, adding further liquidity and awareness to the MetaFight ecosystem.

“Making our game easy to trade on multiple marketplaces at once is a game changer as the MMA is global and everyone everywhere has their own preferences. We want to be close to our community and remove any friction in playing the game.”

So far, this approach has paid off immensely. 

Since its inception in December 2021, MetaFight has amassed a roster of world-class fighters from top leagues like the UFC and ARES Fighting Championship, while signing notable partnerships with global MMA gyms like MMA Factory, Bulgarian Top Team, and Boxing Squad. As MetaFight continues to grow, so will its roster of fighters, and their bank accounts. In exchange for leveraging their likeness for the game, fighters will have the opportunity to build additional revenue streams. 

In only three months after launching the alpha version of the game, MetaFight has already amassed a loyal community of 500 active players, while garnering a substantial following on both Twitter and Discord. But more important than the metrics themselves is the communities’ engagement. In May, MetaFight hosted the first-ever MMA event in the Metaverse with over 100 participants joining from all over the world. And with a powerful team of experienced executives, strategists, and creatives at the helm, we’re confident that this is only the beginning. 

For more information on how MetaFight and ImmutableX are bringing MMA to the blockchain, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord

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