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Martian Premier League and Immutable X: Intergalactic Web3 Football Management

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It’s no secret that sports and gaming go hand in hand. Consider these facts: 

  •  Over 33M copies of Football Manager have been sold 

Now Martian Premier League is looking to take a piece of the pie. 

Featuring a rich, interconnected world of story, gameplay, culture, and lifestyle, Martian Premier League is the world’s first choose-your-own-adventure football management simulation game on Mars. At the crux of the project is a collection of 10,000 Genesis character NFTs which will be integrated deeply within the MPL ecosystem, from the first game to the highly anticipated comic book and other future plans.

Similar to standard football management simulation games, MPL players will train and develop squads, recruit new players, and ultimately compete in the inaugural season of The Martian Premier League. Throughout the process, players will have the opportunity to earn $REDDIES, MPL’s in-game utility token, through weekly challenges and successful in-game performance.

And although still early in its evolution, the platform is already resonating with gamers. Since rolling out its pre-season training Bootcamp game, MPL has reported industry-leading retention numbers. 

Much of this early success can be attributed to the deep expertise of the Martian Premier League team. In addition to seasoned gaming veterans from Fortnite and FIFA, many members of the founding team were integral to the 2013 launch of, an interactive digital Harry Potter experience. Fans worked to unlock writing by JK Rowling via unique digital identities. Revolutionary in its own right, this project and its learnings served as the perfect segue for the team’s success in today’s digital landscape.

But even with top talent, Martin Premier League needed the infrastructure, speed, and security to bring this idea to the masses. And after considering options like Polygon and Tezos, it became clear that Immutable was a perfect fit. 

With the help of Immutable X’s powerful Layer 2 scaling technology, MPL will empower players with full ownership of all in-game assets as fully carbon-neutral, gas-free NFTs. Furthermore, with access to the Immutable X global order book, all in-game assets will be broadly distributed across major marketplaces, providing unparalleled reach and liquidity to Martian Premier League’s NFT ecosystem.

“Martian Premier League represents a new level of innovation in games from an experienced and talented team, and we are proud to have been selected to power its platform with our superior Layer 2 technology that provides an unsurpassed web3 gaming experience,” said Robbie Ferguson, Co-Founder of Immutable. “MPL is also one of the first organizations in the IMX Advisory Service Program, and Immutable is excited to work closely with its team to launch a truly out-of-this-world gaming platform.”

Immutable X will act as official advisors to the Martian Premier League. 

“We’re deeply excited about sports management as a key genre for web3 gaming; the team at Martian Premier League have created an incredible community around the Gaffer’s plan for Mars since their launch, and we cannot be more delighted to support them as they turn their attention to building a defining sports management experience for web3” said Jack Leung, who leads Immutable’s Advisory Practice.

“We knew we needed to find a partner that could take our full game development to as broad an audience as possible,” said Tom Greene, co-founder of the Martian Premier League. “Specifically, Immutable’s focus on gasless transactions and onboarding millions of new fans around the world to the MPL was something that excited all of us on the MPL team.”

For more information on how Martian Premier League and Immutable X are building the first Web3 football manager simulation on Mars, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.

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