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Last Resort on Immutable zkEVM: The Next-Gen Survival MMO

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Set against the backdrop of a city that has become the last bastion of humanity after a monstrous invasion, Last Resort is not your typical survival MMO. It's a collaborative, cross-platform experience that invites players to forge connections, embark on thrilling adventures, and craft their way to safety. Whether you're on mobile or PC, the game's quintessential social mechanics, combined with engaging web3 features, ensure an immersive experience like no other.

At its core, Last Resort champions collaboration. Gameplay is designed for teams of up to four, allowing players to strategize, share resources, and face challenges together. The game's intricate gear crafting and lending system, powered by smart contracts, adds another layer of depth and strategy, ensuring that every decision you make has lasting implications.

Blue Sky Interactive, led by CEO Matthieu Brossard, is the studio team behind Last Resort. With a decade of experience in freemium game development at Gameloft, Matthieu's vision for Last Resort is clear: to seamlessly integrate a compelling narrative that mainstream players can immerse themselves in, with web3 mechanics under the hood. The game's design reflects this, from its limited NFT collections to its evolving governance model.

Immutable zkEVM, our EVM-compatible zk-rollup technology, brings the speed, scale, security, and low-cost required to power Last Resort’s intricate gear crafting and lending mechanics.

 "Immutable zkEVM provides a reliable blockchain foundation with the flexibility of smart contract functionalities," said Matthieu. He added that Immutable's Passport will dramatically ease the process of transitioning existing freemium players to the NFT ecosystem, bridging traditional gaming with blockchain.

Players can look ahead to an exciting roadmap over the next few months:

  • Now until October 15th: Free play-to-mint event accompanied by a cash prize tournament on Elixir:
  • Halloween week: Surprise event!
  • December 2023: First NFT sale event with a new event and new features + content and the possibility to use your NFTs in game

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