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Kyō and ImmutableX: Scaling a Web 3.0 Arcade Games Platform

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When evaluating early-stage ventures, many investors make bets on the founding team itself. The same applies to bringing new partners into the ImmutableX ecosystem. 

With an existing library of incredible games and an experienced team driven by a strong mission, ImmutableX is thrilled to welcome Kyō and Storms into the fold. 

Kyō is a hypercasual gaming platform determined to bring the next billion players onto Web3. A product of Storms, a Singapore-based gaming company seed-funded by three leading Asian telecommunications companies, Kyō delights players with a decentralized and inclusive arcade of play-and-earn casual games wrapped in Web3 components. 

Using our powerful ZK-rollup technology, ImmutableX will provide Kyō with the Web3 infrastructure needed to scale quickly and securely, all while ensuring a world-class user experience. All Kyō avatars and in-game assets will be minted as fully-carbon neutral NFTs, all of which can be, bought, sold, and traded, gas-free on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Acknowledging the size of the opportunity at hand, Kyō is also making it easier for traditional games to transition to the next generation of gaming by offering game developers who are currently limited by Web 2.0 distribution economics the option to integrate and distribute their games via the Kyō platform. 

While this may be Storms’ first venture in Web3, its past success as an international gaming leader is undeniable. 

Prior to being acquired by ASX-listed game developer and publisher iCandy Interactive in 2022,  Storms had assembled an existing library of 60+ instant and native games, obtained exclusive licenses to valuable IP from Halfbrick Studios and Voodoo Games, and developed a strong distribution network of partners, aggregators, super-apps, telcos, and brands. 

Their most popular game, AZ Run has amassed over 12M app downloads and over 250M views on user-generated YouTube content, while its Web 2.0 instant games platform achieved a peak of 4M monthly active users in 2021. 

But perhaps most impressive is the experience of Storms’ leadership team. Storms CEO and President of Web3 and Gaming at iCandy David Yin brings decades of experience at top companies (including as Head of Business Development - Google Play Apps and Games) acquiring, driving, and building a pipeline of mobile games, while the surrounding leadership team has earned their stripes at top consulting firms, gaming giants, and Fortune 500 companies. 

The wealth of knowledge and skill amassed from these learnings has played an integral role in crafting Kyō’s ambitious vision, with which Immutable is deeply aligned. 

“Our vision for Kyō is to bring the next billion players onto Web3. This is consistent with the vision of our partner ImmutableX, which is powering the next generation of web 3.0 games with its unparalleled scalability, zero gas fees and easy-to-use APIs. IMX is the ideal solution for game developers like us that want to bridge the Web 2.0 and Web3 and provide a frictionless user experience to their players.” - David Yin, Chief Executive Officer of Storms.

When evaluating early-stage ventures, many investors bet on the founding team itself. The same applies in bringing new partners into the ImmutableX ecosystem. We are thrilled to be working with Kyō and Storms, whose existing library of games and experienced team make them a valuable partner as we bring the next billion players to web3 gaming" - Robbie Ferguson, Co-Founder and President at ImmutableX.

For more information on how Storms and ImmutableX are onboarding the next billion gamers to Web3, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.

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