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Crypto Wallets 101: Is There an ImmutableX Wallet? 

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Over the last few years, the ImmutableX team has worked night and day to provide both developers and gamers alike with everything they need for a premium Web3 gaming experience. 

First, we partnered with StarkWare to develop a lightning-fast and extremely secure layer two Ethereum scaling solution, while providing users with the ability to buy, sell, and trade completely gas free. 

Next, we launched our own marketplace and the global order book, adding a much-needed flow of liquidity into the ecosystem. Then came the IMX token, and its various staking and earning products including the IMX Trading Rewards

But to fully immerse themselves and reap the benefits of the ImmutableX ecosystem, users need only one thing: A wallet. 

Wallets are used throughout the entire ecosystem to store cryptocurrency and other digital assets, as well as to create, connect, and sign transactions across various blockchain networks and decentralized applications.

While hot (aka digital) wallets are connected directly to the blockchain, cold (or hardware) wallets are physical devices that live offline. Naturally, since they are not natively connected to the blockchain, cold wallets are safer to use and are highly recommended for anyone holding what they determine to be a significant amount of money in digital assets. 

Wallets are designed to be carried interoperably across decentralized applications like marketplaces, games, and DeFi protocols. For example, the same wallet you use to connect to the ImmutableX marketplace will be used to connect to your favorite game like Gods Unchained or Guild of Guardians, and will safely store your assets each step of the way. 

ImmutableX, Wallets, and You

While ImmutableX currently does not have its own wallet product, it does have the ImmutableX Link SDK which allows developers to build seamless third-party wallet integration with only a few lines of code. This provides users with a seamless product experience and saves developers significant time, money, and headaches relative to building a wallet product and integration in-house.

Link functions like an Ethereum Wallet manager, enables users to authorize and authenticate functions within the Immutable exchange and pass them up to the main blockchain for verification when needed. 

Link is compatible with wallets like: 

  • Metamask 
  • GameStop wallet 
  • A wallet created via email (courtesy of Magic)
  • A hardware wallet via Metamask

Simply click the Connect Wallet at the top right corner of the ImmutableX marketplace and follow the necessary steps. All wallets can be connected and disconnected from the ImmutableX ecosystem at any time by following the steps listed here.

To stay up to date on all ImmutableX news and announcements, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.

IMX Knowledge Base
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