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Immutable zkEVM Testnet Regenesis

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Since we recently announced our plans to upgrade the Immutable zkEVM client, the team has been hard at work delivering on our product roadmap. Today we’re excited to announce that our new Ethereum client is ready for Testnet! On Nov 20th AEDT, Immutable zkEVM Testnet will be undergoing a regenesis to transition to a Geth-based client. 

How will this impact developers on Immutable zkEVM?

There will be a 3 day period during the regenesis (Nov 20-23 AEDT) when Testnet, along with its services, will be unavailable. Our team will be using this time to upgrade our platform integrations, EVM monitoring, transaction relayer, and more to ensure optimal functionality with the new client. Don’t worry - Testnet, along with all of its features, will be fully online by November 24th AEDT. 

What do developers need to do after the regenesis is complete?

While your product integrations will remain after the regenesis is complete, your smart contracts on Testnet will need to be re-deployed and your assets will need to be re-minted. The process for deploying contracts and minting assets will not change. 

If you have any smart contracts deployed or assets minted, they will need to be re-submitted once Testnet up and running again on November 24 AEDT. Take these steps to ensure your development process experiences minimal interruption: 

  1. Redeploy your smart contracts
  2. Remint your assets
  3. Watch the changelog of UnifiedSDK and use the most recent version

What’s next?

This is just one critical step on our journey towards bringing you all the Immutable zkEVM Mainnet, which remains our top priority. Stay tuned for the next exciting roadmap update!

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