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Immutable Games Spotlight: Ember Sword Announces Alpha Land Sale

 Ember Sword Announces Alpha Land Sale
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Get ready for battle. Following their highly successful Alpha Playtest, Ember Sword announces their Alpha Land Sale starting July 31st!

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Ember Sword is an open-world MMORPG with a fast-paced combat system designed for pure mechanical fun. Ember Sword's combat experience draws inspiration from MOBA games like Dota 2 and League of Legends, as well as hack-and-slash games such as Hades.

The Ember Sword Alpha Playtest boasts some staggering numbers:

  • More than 12 thousand players participated in more than 50 countries
  • Average session length was 45 minutes
  • Players collected hundreds of thousands of gold, items, and resources
  • A total of 1,300 bosses were defeated

Core to the success of the Alpha Playtest is Ember Sword’s engaging gameplay. Let’s dive into it.

Ember Sword is Easy to Play, Hard to Master

Ember Sword has the fast-paced combat of RPGs, combined with the isometric view and skill-based abilities of MOBAs, set in a sci-fi fantasy universe. Through a unique, classless combat system players have the freedom to craft their perfect character by mixing and matching a vast array of abilities unlocked through the use of diverse weapons. With only six abilities assignable at any given time, strategic choices become a central aspect of your gaming experience.

While playing players will see ground indicators signaling impending damage, providing ample time to dodge and evade harm. This feature ensures players have a clear understanding of when and where damage will occur. As players progress and level up their professions, they'll gradually unlock new combat abilities. This avoids overwhelming newcomers with too many options and provides a clear goal for players to pursue.

Join the Alpha Land Sale

Players can face challenges solo or in a party of up to four. Certain abilities can be chained together, increasing the chances of success. For example, one player might use a Chain Hook to pull in a creature, while another player follows up with a heavy strike to stun the target.

In Ember Sword, weapons are designed with unique abilities intrinsic to their specific type, rather than being tied to the player's character talents/skills. This system means that each weapon type has its own distinct set of capabilities: pistols offer specialized pistol abilities, swords enable hack-and-slash maneuvers, staves grant wizard-like powers, and censers provide a combination of melee and support (healing) abilities. 

As the game evolves, new weapon types such as bows, hammers, axes, and much more will be introduced, each bringing their own exclusive abilities and expanding the diverse array of combat options available to players.

Ember Sword Land is Tied Directly to the Gameplay

Previous Ember Sword Land Sales sold out within hours, with 35 thousand players pledging to buy over $200 million worth of land in next sales. The first wave of the current Alpha Land Sale is now closed and completely sold out! The next opportunity to buy is Wave 2, which opens on the 31st of July. 

Why is land in Ember Sword so sought after?

Landowners play a crucial role in shaping the world of Ember Sword. Through managing resources, quest giving and offering services, they bring diversity and life to the game, while also having the opportunity to acquire real value from the time they put into the game. 

Landowners will be able to place various buildings and NPCs and otherwise provide regular (not monetized) in-game services, which are not pay-to-win, but meant as a way to help attract people to their unique land.

As a landowner in Ember Sword, you have the opportunity to not only build and shape your unique corner of the world but also to potentially earn rewards for your creativity and effort through multiple monetization options and rewards distributions for Ember Sword Land. 

Ember Sword's Alpha Land Sale starts soon!

After the resounding success of the first land sale, the next Wave of the second Ember Sword Land sale starts 31st of July.

Wave 2 will be on a FCFS basis, opening up the sale to the public following the application-based process of Wave 1, which has just concluded and completely sold out.

Land ownership comes with many benefits no matter which plot of land you choose. When you own land, you are also able to participate in playtests to provide community feedback for how they would like to utilize the land and capitalize on their social features, making the landscape exciting for everyone who plays Ember Sword.

Join the Alpha Land Sale

Now is the last chance to own your piece of Ember Sword history! For full details on the Alpha Land Sale mechanics, head on over to the Ember Sword blog post.

Ember Sword is Built on Immutable

Ember Sword is a social sandbox MMORPG taking place in a player-driven universe where the adventure finds you. Built by a team of imaginative artists, engineers and game designers, Ember Sword offers a unique community-led frictionless PvP and PVE player experience, and allows the community to have true ownership of their digital assets. Ember Sword is built by Bright Star Studios,  a global independent game development studio crafting next generation original MMO franchise experiences utilizing its own proprietary engine.

Play Ember Sword Anytime, Anywhere
Ember Sword is available with just one click on any device, any platform, any system, across the globe, with a 10 seconds average load time available down to a 3G+ connection. No plugins, no extensions, no loaders, no patches or downloads needed.

Achieved with a proprietary engine, with 10 global patents pending, the team has built the next chapter of online gaming. No matter what country or location you are in, and no matter the hardware or infrastructure available to you, you can play Ember Sword.

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