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Immutable Explained: A Non-Technical Guide

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One of the biggest obstacles to mainstream web3 gaming adoption is an enormous information hurdle. Language used to describe web3 games is often plagued with the overuse of complicated technical jargon, which often leaves players and developers feeling confused, skeptical, and frustrated. It also creates confusion around what companies like Immutable are actually building and the problems we’re solving.

This article will break down (in simple terms):

  • What is Immutable? 
  • What are we actually solving for game studios, game developers & players?
  • How and why we’ll pave the way for mainstream web3 gaming adoption

We will abstract away complicated technical concepts and dispel some of the skepticism surrounding this new exciting and important category of technology.

What is Immutable?

Immutable is creating the leading and unified ecosystem to make building and playing web3 games accessible, safe, and scalable for the world. 

Our ecosystem will empower players to have full ownership and agency over their in-game assets, and provide the web3 games of tomorrow with all the scaling support and tools they need to become a massive success.

Prior to Immutable, co-founders and brothers James and Robbie Ferguson built Gods Unchained, the first blockchain trading card. The game’s enormous popularity and traction soon revealed the scaling limits of Ethereum, specifically around the expensive cost and slow speed of transactions. At the time, building a blockchain-enabled game with billions of players was merely a fantasy.

Today, Immutable has evolved into a one-stop solution to solve these limitations on Ethereum: we offer our scaling technology solutions to anyone building a web3 game, unlock the ability to support the next billion players, and build products that make the user experience as seamless as possible.

Over the past few years, Immutable has emerged as one of the leading web3 gaming ecosystems for gaming projects, studios, developers, players, marketplaces, and more.

What Immutable is building:

In a previous article, we broke down the key differences between web2 and web3 gaming.

To deliver on this promise of a web3 gaming future, Immutable is solving for game developers and players by:

  • Building a technology stack that enables anyone from large game studios to indie devs to easily build and scale a successful and fun game that utilizes NFTs (web3 games).

  • Building products that make it easy, seamless, and safe for gamers to get onboarded and play web3 games 

  • Launching and creating some of the most fun and high-quality web3 game titles, such as Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Metalcore, Illuvium, EmberSword, Cross the Ages, and Shardbound.

Immutable Tech Stack:

Immutable is the preferred solution for game developers because our technology stack empowers anyone to build a web3 game on easy mode.

The goal from day one has been to abstract away all the distractions and complications of web3 development, and allow developers to focus on their craft: building fun, high quality games. Here are some examples of what we offer developers:

Immutable APIs and SDKs

  • Makes wallet and integrations incredibly easy, removes the need to deal with smart contracts, and reduces time to create in-game assets from days to hours.

Guaranteed Royalties

  • Immutable guarantees that asset creators receive a percentage of trading fees at the protocol level.

Best-in-class security:

  • Using a technology called zero-knowledge rollups (zk-rollups) we greatly enhance the security for players and builders, while still achieving the speeds and low fees needed to support mainstream usage.

Immutable’s developer toolkit enables a whole new category of game development that utilizes web3 technology in revolutionary and exciting ways.

Immutable Products:

Security and onboarding friction are the two foremost challenges for mainstream adoption. Immutable is building a suite of products that alleviate these concerns for players and games. Eliminating these obstacles is the guiding mission for Immutable’s product development.

Here are two examples:

Immutable Global Orderbook

  • A powerful universal order book which allows a digital asset to be traded anywhere (marketplace, in-game, or wallet), and at any time.

Immutable Passport

  • A passwordless single-sign on wallet that can be used across all games built with Immutable, keeping assets and funds secure and allowing players to transact easily. Eliminating the need to own multiple wallets and remembering complicated seed phrases.

Immutable Passport is erasing wallet complexity for users by providing a familiar user experience gamers know and love.

In a previous article, we explained how our products will break down monetization limitations and barriers for games.

In order to make web3 gaming mainstream, we must make the user experience for players familiar, accessible, safe, and intuitive. In an ideal world, players would have such a seamless user experience that they wouldn't even know they are playing a ‘web3’ game. This is a crucial step in onboarding the next billion players.

Immutable Games:

Aside from tools, Immutable Games is also directly involved with bringing successful web3 games to life. Our studio team consists of industry veterans from Riot, Zynga, Magic: The Gathering, and EA games. We know what it takes to build a successful game.

Some of the flagship web3 games building on Immutable today:

You can check out all of the 150 games building on Immutable today!

Immutable is bringing web3 gaming mainstream

Immutable is not just a platform or L2, Immutable is a gaming ecosystem with unmatched opportunity. Immutable is laser-focused on making web3 gaming more accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding for players and developers.

As the gaming industry continues to embrace web3 technology, Immutable’s meteoric rise is shaping the future of gaming by breaking traditional limitations. Through our powerful technology stack, products designed for mainstream, and robust portfolio of flagship games of the future, we’re bringing web3 gaming mainstream sooner than you realize.

To jumpstart your journey into the next era of gaming, head to and start exploring!

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