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Immutable and Citizen Conflict: The Esports-Driven Hero Shooter Blending Web2 and Web3

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In the fast-paced world of esports and online gaming, there's a remarkable new player on the scene, poised to redefine the entire landscape. Enter Citizen Conflict, the latest addition to the Immutable ecosystem, leveraging the power of Immutable X, powered by Starkware.

Citizen Conflict: The Dystopian Hero Shooter Overview

Citizen Conflict is a captivating, free-to-play hero shooter, where your main objective is to emerge victorious in thrilling multiplayer battles against skilled adversaries. With a wide range of game modes, from classic free-for-all to team-based Takeover, and the anticipation of Battle Royale with grand NFT prizes (coming early 2024), there's something for everyone.

Transporting players into a post-collapse dystopia known as Ether Islands, Citizen Conflict immerses you in an unrelenting war for dominance between three rival syndicates. The game's engrossing storyline revolves around a diverse cast of exceptional and mysterious heroes, each blessed with extraordinary abilities yet burdened by dark pasts. With multiple classes to choose from, these heroes possess awe-inspiring powers that can sway the course of battles. 

The Vision of QORPO Game Studio Team

QORPO Game Studio, the powerhouse behind Citizen Conflict, brings a wealth of experience from AAA game titles. Citizen Conflict secured a spot in the top 5 upcoming games of 2023, as chosen by the passionate community at the GAM3 awards. The team boasts extensive experience from working on acclaimed AAA game titles such as Arma 3, Mafia 2, Gears of War, Stray, and more. The game has also ventured into the esports market, hosting multiple tournaments and attracting around 200 teams (including 40 professional esports teams)When it comes to key partnership goals with Immutable, the team’s focus is on building a solid foundation as gaming leaders in web3. By building on the Immutable X scaling solution, Citizen Conflict takes full advantage of gas-free transactions, inherited Ethereum security, and lightning fast speeds. Through collaborative development, Immutable and QORPO Game Studio will work closely together to bring digital ownership powered by a seamless secure user experience to players.

 “Partnering with Immutable unlocks the future of digital ecosystems, thanks to their groundbreaking technology that provides scalable and environmentally-friendly solutions without compromising security,” said Rastislav Bakala, CEO of QORPO Game Studio.

Citizen Conflict Roadmap:

Q3 2023 - Alpha Test 3.0:

Testing three teams and introducing 'Takeover' mode. Six unique Heroes with distinct abilities, along with key esports features. Operational servers in Frankfurt, Singapore, and Bahrain.

Q4 2023 - Public Early Access:

Introducing eight Heroes and game modes for two and three teams, including classics like Deathmatch and Takeover. Launching NFT integrations. Citizen Conflict on Epic Game store and other platforms. Battle Pass Season 1, new loot box system with NFT prizes.

Q1 2024 - Hero Expansion and Game Updates:

New Heroes, ultimate abilities added. Vaulting system, game optimization. Introducing fan-favorite Battle Royale mode, hosting esports events. Battle Pass Season 2 with new maps, heroes, guns, vehicles.

Q2 2024 - Game Optimization:

Fine-tuning game balance, adding maps, new weapons. Launching Battle Pass Season 3.

Q3 2024 - Official Game Launch:

Game officially launches with Battle Pass Season 4. Additional game modes, user-generated content system. Planned launch on EPIC STORE in Oct/Nov 2023, public early access expected by end of 2023. Battle Royale competitive mode, worldwide tournaments in early 2024.

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