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Galactico Manager 24 and Immutable: Building the Next Generation of Football Manager Games

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FIFA’s lifelike visuals, real-world teams, and tactical football manager mechanics have long captivated not only gamers, but global football fans worldwide.

Now, Galactico Manager 24 is building off this momentum to introduce an entirely new way to bring football enthusiasts closer to the game. 

Galactico Manager 24 is a football management game designed to bridge the gap between players and fans, offering a detailed, real-life football fan experience. Within the game, players become part of an exclusive community, interacting with real-life football figures such as managers and players.

The gameplay encompasses deep squad management, tactical strategy, and bonuses, enhanced with blockchain technology to create a dynamic environment influenced by real-world events. Players can lead one of Europe's top teams, manage their favourite club, or even design a unique football universe, aiming to navigate challenges akin to real-life football situations.

The depth of Galactico Manager 24 extends beyond its in-game systems. To truly achieve its vision of bridging the gap between football players and fans, it needs a reliable partner to scale.

With Immutable zkEVM, our EVM-compatible zk-rollup chain, the Galactico Manager development team can now craft custom smart contracts for all their in-game assets. This will unlock advanced gameplay mechanics and tokenomics, as well as an affordable, secure, and seamless trading experience.

“We’re very happy to announce the partnership between Galactico Manager and Immutable.  The Immutable ecosystem is a vibrant and forward-thinking gaming community and something we’re truly excited about,” said Michael Watford, CEO of Galactico Manager 24. “Our values align with wanting to give gamers a next-gen gaming experience.”

As part of their unwavering commitment to providing players with a top-tier football gaming experience, the team headed by Michael Watford (CEO), and Joseph William Derflinger (COO), are working with high-profile football players and is currently featured on gaming platforms simplio, Game Swift and aura  They're gearing up to introduce exciting updates for fans, including an NFT card collectible launch, PvP tournaments, a live league, and esports integrations set for Q4 2023 and Q1 2024

For more information on how Galactico Manager 24 and Immutable are building the ultimate football management Web3 game for sports fans, follow our growing gaming ecosystem, and tag along on Twitter and Discord!

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