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Immutable X and Flowstate Games: Powering the Next Generation of Web3 Arcade Games

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Since the early days of Pong and Pacman, arcade games have become an international pastime. Many of us have experienced the nostalgic feeling of returning to our childhood roots and getting lost in our quest for victory. 

Now, Smash Stars: Thunderdome is looking to bring this magic to the blockchain. 

A product of Finland-based Web3 game studio, Flowstate Games, Thunderdome is a free-to-play multi-car brawler where players will battle NFT-based vehicles and characters in closed arenas full of ramps, platforms, and hazards. Like many classic battlers, the goal is simple. SMASH your opponents’s as quickly and strategically as possible. The first player to deplete the opponent of their health points wins. 

In true play-to-own fashion, players can earn in-game currency and NFTs through successful in-game performance and staking, which can then be used to purchase vehicle upgrades like skins, weapons, and cosmetic NFTs. Eventually players will also be able to design and publish their own playable arenas to the game.

So far, the results from the team have been impressive. Chugging right along on their roadmap, Flowstate’s team has doubled in size since the Spring as they gear up to launch their PVE demo to the community on the 24th October.

And while the team is heavily focused on making Thunderdome the best it can be, it’s also driven by its long-term vision of building accessible, approachable, and seriously fun Web3 arcade games everyone can enjoy. 

According to Flowstate Games CEO Edvard Groundstroem, the end goal is to create a free-to-play, social arcade hall packed with multiplayer action party games, and fueled by player ownership.

As more games continue to join the Smash Stars arcade, transaction throughput, gas fees, and security will remain a top priority. 

Using our powerful ZK-rollup technology, Immutable X will provide players of Smash Stars’ full suite of games with verifiable provenance of in-game digital assets as NFTs to be minted fully carbon, neutral, and gas free on the Ethereum blockchain. As part of the Immutable X global order book, all Thunderdome and Smash Stars future in-game assets will be available for purchase and trading across major marketplaces, further adding liquidity and traction to the Smash Stars ecosystem. 

“Immutable X gives us the perfect platform to deliver game content and items to be used across these arcade experiences while keeping player experience front of mind,” Groundstroem said.” 

For more information on how Flowstate Games, Smash Stars: Thunderdome, and Immutable X are reimagining the next great Web3 arcade games, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.

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