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CoinArcade and Immutable: The Future of Decentralized Social Gaming

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Inspired by the classic pastime of hanging out and playing games with friends at the arcade, CoinArcade is taking this beloved experience to the next level.


Developed by Sparkx Limited, CoinArcade is not just another gaming platform; it's a decentralized social gaming revolution. With over 100+ trending games ranging from casual games to poker, match 3, and chess, it promises an exciting new twist on a timeless experience for gamers worldwide. 

CoinArcade offers players three distinct game modes: solo mode, PvP mode, and tournament mode. While solo mode is accessible to all, the tournament mode adds an exciting twist with its token staking requirement. This platform isn't just about playing; it's about competing, battling, and earning prizes daily.

The vision behind CoinArcade is ambitious. In a world where web3 is gaining momentum, CoinArcade aims to bridge the gap between the hardcore crypto enthusiasts and mainstream web2 players. By leveraging entertaining, accessible, and classic games that players know and love, the team hopes to entice the masses to the world of web3 and onboard billions of new players into the exhilarating realm of blockchain gaming.

The stellar team behind CoinArcade are no strangers to the gaming industry. Composed of veterans from renowned studios like Tencent, Lightspeed Studio, and Timi Studio, the team brings a wealth of game development experience to the table. Their track record speaks volumes, having been involved in blockbuster games like PUBG Mobile, League of Legends, and Cross Fire, which have collectively reached over 100 million users and generated billions in revenue. 

When asked about their choice to partner with Immutable, Blake, CoinArcade founder stated, "Immutable helps us to onboard casual players and gives them a very simple EVM experience." 

This sentiment resonates with CoinArcade's overarching vision of creating a decentralized gaming ecosystem that not only empowers billions, but is fundamentally accessible. A vision where players and developers can collaborate, innovate, and create in a transparent environment. To achieve the scale of this vision, Immutable zkEVM was the clear choice to build on.

Immutable zkEVM is not just any blockchain; it's an EVM-compatible zk-rollup-based blockchain crafted specifically for the next generation of web3 games. It allows game developers to harness the power of custom smart contract development, intricate gameplay mechanics, and tokenomics. All while providing a more affordable, secure, and seamless in-game asset trading experience. 

Following the successful release of their Seasonal Pets NFT collection in June, CoinArcade is gearing up for a launch in September, on Immutable zkEVM. 

To stay up-to-date on all the newest and exciting web3 games building on Immutable, check out and join the biggest community for next generation gamers on Twitter and Discord!

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