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The Immutable marketing team combines the multidisciplinary skills of communication, PR, events, martech, data-driven strategy and community building on highly engaged platforms such as Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Telegram, Twitch and more.

We welcome diverse individuals to join our team, stretching across Australia, the United States and South East Asia with a united vision to make the Immutable community the place to be in the ever-changing landscapes of NFTs, blockchain gaming and Ethereum.

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Empowering partners and projects to build on the Immutable platform is at the core of the Immutable Partner and Developer Success team. We are a global team of passionate individuals motivated by our mission to bring true digital ownership to the world.

The Partner and Developer Success team is accountable for the complete post-sales lifecycle of all Immutable Partners and customers to maximize their commercial and strategic success.

The team has two main functions:

  • Partner Success, including strategic partner managers and technical partner success engineers
  • Developer Success, including developer relations and developer support
Members of the Immutable Team in a meeting

Business Development

The Business Development team forms partnerships with leading games, web3 projects and brands that are looking to embrace web3 gaming. On the cutting edge of tech acquisition roles, this is a Sales-adjacent role with a lot of crossover with Product and Ventures.

Whether it’s analyzing nascent studios & projects, forming relationships with key decision-makers to deeply understand their business, developing a nuanced business case as to why their team should build on Immutable or persuading studios and teams to build on our protocol – every day brings a new set of opportunities and challenges in our fast-growing space.

Join us as we build the leading enterprise go-to-market function for web3 gaming!

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Solution Engineering

Buying is harder than selling, which is why the Solution Engineering team is there to act as a trusted advisor for Immutable's customers.

Our role is focused on guiding customers through the often murky waters of web3 and crypto to deliver meaningful and long-lasting NFT-powered experiences.

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The Product team's work is central to what we do at Immutable, and the solutions we deliver.

We are responsible for setting the strategic direction of each product area, ensuring that our product offerings meet and exceed the needs of our users and customers.

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The Engineering Team is the powerhouse behind the world's top gaming-focused NFT trading ecosystem.

We partner with internal and external stakeholders to build user experiences that delight and readily meet the demands of planet-scale games.

We solve complex problems at the bleeding edge of technology and have tons of fun in the process.

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Data is the lifeblood of any modern business.

The Immutable Data Team is responsible for turning raw data into actionable insights by collecting, storing, processing, analyzing and presenting relevant information back to their stakeholders.

Within the Data Team, there are data engineering, data analytics, business intelligence and data science capabilities.

Immutable Games

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Gods Unchained

The Gods Unchained team is building the world's best digital trading card game.

Whether you’re designing gameplay mechanics or economies, or crafting art both written and graphical, our team's strength is in the interplay of our wide-ranging experiences, expertise, and passion.

No matter where you call home, our ways of working allow us to bring together the best talent from all over the world to make God's Unchained a fun and rewarding experience for our players.

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Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is crafted by a dedicated, enthusiastic team spanning 5 continents and supported by 100+ external developers, game artists, designers, and analysts.

The team is comprised of industry veterans bringing vast experience in shipping dozens of highly successful AAA games; industry-leading animation and VFX specialists, experienced developers, marketing experts, game economy specialists, and many more diverse talents across gaming and blockchain.

Together, we are building the future of mobile RPG gaming!

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Studio Engineering

The Immutable Studios Engineering team is what powers our industry-leading games that bring true digital ownership to players.

We focus on building polished, secure and scalable experiences with in-game economies that can stand the test of time.

We apply industry best practices while challenging the status quo to drive innovation and quality.

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Studio Group

Studio Group is made up of a dedicated, enthusiastic team spanning 5 continents, and supported by 100+ external developers, game artists, designers, and analysts.

The team comprises industry veterans bringing vast experience in shipping dozens of highly successful AAA games; industry-leading animation and VFX specialists, experienced developers, marketing experts, game economy specialists, and many more diverse talents across both gaming and blockchain.

Together, we are building the future of mobile RPG gaming!

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Immutable Group

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The Immutable Executive Team provides strategic and operational leadership across the Immutable Group.

Accountable for our company strategy and the overarching vision, mission and north star metrics, our Executives lead overall revenue, growth and company execution initiatives.  

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The Finance Team is responsible for financial control and reporting, treasury management and providing strategic support to the board and executive team.

Our mission is to provide accurate and concise information so that we can make informed commercial decisions and help achieve Immutable's strategic goals.

We aim to implement best-in-class controls, systems and processes to provide all of our stakeholders with a high level of support and service.

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The Operations team is responsible for leading company-wide strategic planning and goal-setting frameworks, ensuring we have the right people and processes in place to scale an increasingly complex organization and o deliver on some of the biggest cross-functional projects at Immutable.

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The Immutable People and Culture Team has a vision for the best global talent to thrive at Immutable.

We offer a career-defining experience in web3, and we are focusing on attracting incredible talent from a range of backgrounds.

Our People and Culture team focuses on bringing our ‘Immutable X factors’ to life across the employee experience. These include:

  • Exceptional candidate experience and Talent Brand
  • An immersive Onboarding Academy Leadership development and learning
  • Top rewards for top performance
  • Community and experiences
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The Tokens Team is responsible for driving the agenda against each of our tokens $IMX, $GODS and $GOG, which have a fully diluted value of greater than $5 billion as of Q1 2022.

Tokens are central to our vision to become the #1 ecosystem for NFTs and are key to rewarding and empowering our users.

Examples of problems that our team ponders daily include incentive alignment and optimization, liquidity, accessibility and distribution, transparency and governance, and overall how we can best use our tokens to bring sustainable value to our community.

Meet some Immutables

Not enough words to express how I feel about the team and leadership – amazingly talented and creative, incredibly open and supportive with a sharp focus on delivering the best tech and experience to our web3 community whether a developer or a user. I am deeply honored and thankful for being accepted into the IMX family and having the chance to improve our world…one game at time. Let’s go Team!
Elena Provine
Elena Provine - Sr. BD Manager @ Game Studio
Image of Elena Provine, Sr. BD Manager at Game Studio
Immutable for me is a chance to work on bringing blockchain to the next billion people through scaling. Specifically, the modular blockchain thesis where consensus and execution are separated to achieve scale that can serve the world’s internet of value on Ethereum. You’re looking at scaling infrastructure for trillions of dollars worth of value. If that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is!
Dane Shea
Dane Shea - Lead Solution Engineer @ Immutable
Dane Shea
Immutable has an amazing people culture and places a high value on its employees. I am thankful for all the great support I have received in nurturing both my technical and non-technical capabilities.
Jason Adams
Jason Adams - Lead Data Engineer
Jason Adams
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