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Polygon Immutable FAQs

Key Messaging & Partnership Background:

Immutable and Polygon Labs have entered into a strategic partnership for Immutable to build Immutable zkEVM, an EVM-compatible rollup solution optimized for gaming. This new relationship will transform the web3 gaming landscape and solidify a new home for gaming.

There are three problems blocking massive growth for the web3 gaming industry:

  1. There are not enough great games for players to play
  2. Difficult to build games with web3 technology
  3. Ecosystems are fragmented and, as a Developer, committing to a ecosystem comes at a high cost and is difficult to revert

The partnership and Immutable zkEVM is the solution:

  • Easier to build great games - Immutable zkEVM provides tools and resources that enable advanced gameplay - with custom smart contracts, rich economies, and on-chain functionality
  • Brings great games together - introduces the Immutable community to the Polygon ecosystem and gamers in the Polygon ecosystem to the Immutable platform. Together, games building on Immutable and Polygon have received close to $2B USD in investor funding in 2022.
  • Defragments the industry - no more stitching together disparate systems or spending months integrating multiple solutions. Focus on building the gameplay experience you need; leave the rest to Immutable and Immutable zkEVM.


Why have Immutable and Polygon entered into a partnership?
What is Immutable zkEVM?
Why choose Immutable zkEVM?
Why did Immutable choose to build on Polygon?
When will Immutable zkEVM be live?
Will Immutable still use Starkware? What does this mean for our StarkWare relationship with Immutable?
What’s the difference between Immutable X (StarkEx) and Immutable zkEVM? When would I use each to architect?
What are some game mechanics executions where one solution makes sense over another?
What about gas fees?
How do fees work on StarkEx vs. zkEVM? Who pays these fees?
What will happen to games which are already on Immutable X?
Will Polygon Labs’ existing gaming pipeline all migrate to Immutable zkEVM?
Who is building on Immutable zkEVM?