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Sandbox Network and Immutable: Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA

The latest title to build on Immutable zkEVM comes from one of the most exciting web3 game studios coming out of Korea, Sandbox Network.

Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA, is a next-generation, free-to-play mobile role-playing-game (RPG) that combines the mythological world of dragons with the nostalgic charm of toys on the blockchain.

Your mission: tap into the power of hundreds of Toy Dragons and vanquish an army of wind-up toys, amass a rich collection of items, and develop your skills and abilities. As a player, you’ll construct your own town and partake in adrenaline-pumping PvP and PvE battles alongside fellow players by strategically configuring your formidable lineup of Toy Dragons.

The game boasts over 300 captivating dragon characters and promises an unforgettable gameplay experience for both seasoned web2 collectible RPG enthusiasts and newbies alike. 

Sandbox Network is the creator-first entertainment company behind this stellar RPG, and has its roots deeply planted in the content creator space. Co-founded by the popular Minecraft YouTuber, Ddotty, and ex-Googler, Pilsung, Sandbox Network is currently leading the evolution of the creator economy, with web3 gaming playing a vital role. The studio takes great pride in its dedication to user-generated content and continually seeks inputs from various YouTubers in game development, staying true to its origins.

With over $70M USD raised in Series D funding supported by gaming giants like Nexon and Neptune (a subsidiary of Kakao Games), as well as leading Korean VCs like Samsung Ventures and TBT Ventures, Sandbox Network is a force to be reckoned with in both the creator content and web3 gaming space.

Their journey with Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA began early last year, with the breakout success of their genesis NFT mint. Sandbox Network's ambitions lie in building a new legacy IP with sustainable gameplay while accelerating the future of gaming and adding value to their creator partner network, and the broader creator economy as a whole.

In the words of Game Producer, JK Han, "Working with the Immutable team has been a great pleasure. Immutable has built the best team in the web3 space that takes gaming seriously. We love that the Immutable brand represents high quality in web3 gaming."

Choosing to build on Immutable zkEVM was the clear strategic choice for Sandbox Network, drawn to the strong, full stack gaming-focused vertical, and the unparalleled user experience for gamers through the seamless compatibility of Immutable Passport and the Global Orderbook marketplace network. 

Immutable zkEVM is an EVM-compatible zk-rollup-based blockchain developed specifically to power the next generation of web3 games. It enables game developers to fully take advantage of custom smart contract development, advanced gameplay mechanics and tokenomics, while offering a cheaper, secure, and frictionless in-game asset trading experience.

Currently, players can sign up for pre-registration in the DApp while the open beta release of Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA will be announced in September.

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