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Roboworld and ImmutableX: Pushing the Boundaries of Web3 Gaming with AR Technology

Over the last few years, we’ve seen many variations of the beloved trading card games (TCGs) brought onto the blockchain. But to truly stand out among the many games in the genre, newer TCGs must incorporate innovative and interactive elements to grab players’ attention. 

Roboworld is a perfect example.

A tactical turn-based TCG, Roboworld integrates three-dimensional (3D) and augmented reality (AR) technology into its immersive world of robots. In this free-to-play game, players can collect and trade NFT cards featuring robots with different elements (light, water, wind, fire, and dark) and roles (striker, sniper, supporter, tanker, and tech expert). By strategically building powerful decks, players can battle opponents head-on in player versus player (PvP) matches or go through the game’s storyline in player versus environment (PvE) battles. In either game mode, players can bring their cards to life in the real world using only their smartphones or tablets.

While Roboworld focuses on building an immersive experience for its users, ImmutableX will help further enhance its functionality and user experience. With our ZK-rollup technology, Roboworld users can now securely trade carbon-neutral NFTs with zero gas fees. Roboworld’s integration into ImmutableX’s global shared orderbook will also drive further adoption of the game and bring exposure and liquidity to its ecosystem.

“In Roboworld, gamers can experience a smooth and uninterrupted gaming journey with the support of ImmutableX and its Immutable Passport technology,” says Hung Le, Chief Partnership and Technology Officer of Roboworld. “Say goodbye to gas fee wars in the market and enjoy a seamless gaming experience in this virtual world.”

The team behind Roboworld is headed by experts in the field of gaming, software, and cryptocurrency. As avid gamers and TCG fans, Dat Tran (COO), Hung Le (CTO), and Trung Mai (CMO) also want to bring Roboworld players a digital card game experience like no other. And their recent progress shows that this goal is steadily coming to fruition. 

So far, Roboworld has raised $1.5M in equity and token sales, and secured the support of multiple partners including BlockBase Ventures, Google Cloud, The Moon, and Metawork. During its previous airdrop events, the company also garnered around 100K participants. Among the 8K whitelisted users in the experimental closed beta version of the game, Roboworld also recorded 1 hour and 44 minutes of session time per user daily. Meanwhile, activity in the game’s PvE mode is noted at 70%, and 66.7% in PvP matches.

With such impressive metrics at this stage, Roboworld is only bound to blow up in its official release.

For more information on how Roboworld and ImmutableX are building the most innovative blockchain card game with AR technology, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.


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