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Gaming's Next Chapter: Kaidro Discusses the Power of Immutable zkEVM (Feature Interview)

Born from the pages of a webcomic, Kaidro quickly ascended to multimedia stardom, amassing over 1 million followers on TikTok and garnering 40 million views across various channels. 

Kaidro is a story-driven, multiplayer action RPG set in a vibrant anime-style world. Players assume the role of bounty hunters, piloting advanced mechs and wielding astral powers. The game's standout feature is the PvPvPvE mode titled "Bounty Hunt", a strategic battleground where three teams face off against each other and a powerful interdimensional being of the Void. 

Victory isn't just about combat prowess; it's about strategy, collaboration, and leveraging the game's intricate customization options. From tailoring Mechs to aligning with powerful Clans and selecting Spirit Guardians, players are in control of their destiny. 

Through claiming victory and defeating the Void Entity, players will gain access to powerful rewards and be able to utilize the game’s customization feature to change the loadout of their own Mech suits, as well as their own companion “Spirit Guardian”. 

The game will feature a 3 month seasonal cycle that allows for the continued innovation and integration of new game modes, assets, Mechs, abilities, story content, and more! While players can immerse themselves in cinematics and engage with NPCs, the narrative also unfolds subtly through environmental cues, ambient sounds, and a meticulously crafted musical score. 

By choosing Immutable, the Kaidro team were making a strategic choice to tap into our robust gaming ecosystem, community, and platform to build their world. Immutable zkEVM also provides the low gas-cost, scalability, and frictionless experience needed for both the building process and the players.

Recently, we sat down with the Kaidro team to explore their game-building process, motivations for building on Immutable zkEVM, future plans for their game.

Why did you choose to partner with Immutable?

The ecosystem, the community, and the expansive ecosystem including many other games involved with Immutable made us feel at home. We chose to build on Immutable zkEVM because the small gas fees, scalability and the low friction for gamers matters to us, as well as the overall experience of the game. 

What are your thoughts on the importance of storytelling in games, and how do you integrate it into your game?

Storytelling is the core thread of our belief in strong intellectual properties that can span across generations. Weaving characters, world and story when done correctly and artfully, gives the player a better experience. 

For the Kaidro game we tell stories in various ways - the obvious being cinematics and through dialogue with NPCs but also in the not so obvious ways of storytelling which is through environment, found items, creatures and characters. Lastly, a lot can be told to the player through the senses of not just visuals but through sound and music. 

What are some of the most challenging technical problems you have encountered in game development, and how did you solve them?

The most challenging technical issue so far was to develop the game for multiple platforms. Android, PC, and potential iOS releases all have their own approach to Graphics and hardware. 

This challenge was overcome by creating custom, high performance & high fidelity art style built up around the Vulkan API, the most compatible multi-platform graphics API to date. Additionally, the team has leveraged tools provided by Epic Games, such as the GAS, that have been used in their own development of multiplatform titles like Fortnite.

What is a game you consider well-designed, and why?

A key example of a well designed game is RIOT Game’s title League of Legends. What started as a game built up around the dreams of modders in an indie studio developed into an industry giant with lasting impact on gaming culture as a whole. 14 years after release, the game is still in the top 5 most played games on earth, while also being widely considered as a pioneer in contemporary acceptance of ESports.

What is your roadmap and what can our gamers be excited for?

Our roadmap includes a pre-release NFT cosmetic set launch, containing some incredibly rare, and even one-of-a-kind skins for the in-game Mechs. Additionally, the game’s Beta release at the end of the year is the start of a seasonal release cadence, which will feature expansions and updates each 3 month seasonal cycle. This content cycle will keep players engaged and playing as Kaidro: Fracture Hunters becomes part of the larger Kaidro IP ecosystem.

The game is free to play which follows our belief that there should not be a barrier of entry for those interested in the Kaidro universe. We believe that for the fans that are familiar with the Kaidro comics, that they get to see another facet of the universe. For those that discover Kaidro through the game, we hope that they read the comic as well to obtain an even richer experience of the world and storytelling. 

Can you discuss any notable achievements or successes from you or your team's previous game projects?

The team features AAA talent spanning multiple industries, disciplines, and decades. The founders built an industry powerhouse up around their work on big budget movies like Jurassic World and Transformers. In addition to this, the programming team is led by a former Gears of War series developer with seasoned AAA tenure, as well as a crew of extraordinarily passionate developers.

How do you see your game transforming over the next ten years?

Over the next 10 years, the game will have undergone approximately 40 major seasonal updates.This number of changes will have allowed us to adapt to both consumer interest, as well as to continue to innovate within the genre like our launch game mode.

What is something you want players to know about your game?

Fun is first on our list of important measurements for our playtests of our game. It doesn’t matter if it’s web2 or web3, it is a factor that we covet the most.

When it comes to accessibility, especially in the web 3 space, we value the importance of fairness and balance. In the design and the development of the game, the purchasable items to the level formation, we hold ourselves to the standards that the game is fair to all those participating.

Players will have a multitude of avenues to fine tune their specific playstyle, and visual style, through the many layers of customization and strategy. PvP and PvE skills will be equally as valuable to your team!

Can’t wait for the next chapter in the Kaidro saga? Players can look forward to their first NFT collection release later this year to enter the Kaidro Universe!

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