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Introducing $IMX

The growth engine of Immutable X

What can you do with $IMX


Use your $IMX to vote on the future of Immutable X. Proposals will be published on Snapshot, and will relate to the future development and expansion of the protocol.

Transaction Fees

20% of the protocol fee on every Immutable X transaction must be paid in $IMX. If you do not currently own $IMX, Immutable will convert the fee by purchasing $IMX on the open market (preserving a seamless user experience).


All fees paid in $IMX are sent to the  “staking reward pool”. Users can earn a proportional share of this rewards pool by staking their $IMX.

How does staking work?

All $IMX held on L2 is automatically staked if you have voted on a proposal, and owned or traded a L2 NFT in the last 30 days.


Your stake


Staked by all users

Your stake represents 1%
of total staked...


Staking reward pool


Rewarded to you

...therefore your reward is 1%
of the total reward pool

All staking mechanics, including the criteria for staking, are subject to future change.

How do I earn $IMX?

1. Trade NFTs

Users can earn $IMX by completing actions which benefit the protocol, such as trading.

2. Earn Points

Every rewarded action will earn a certain amount of “points”.

3. Receive $IMX Rewards

The daily rewards pool will allocated proportionately to each user’s points.

How does the rewards pool work?

Each day, the protocol will allocate a certain amount of $IMX to the rewards pool.


Your Points


Total Points

You earned 0.1%
of the total points...


Daily Reward Pool


You Earn

...therefore you earn 0.1%
of the daily reward pool

All reward mechanics, including points calculation mechanisms, are subject to future change.


To ensure $IMX is held by those who are committed to the protocol, we are conducting a multi-stage airdrop.


100,000 $IMX will be split evenly between all users who held a Gods Unchained NFT on Immutable X at any point before 12am UTC on July 22, 2021.


At the end of the rewards period, 400,000 $IMX will be split based on each user’s Gods Unchained holdings. Every card you own will earn you points!

How do I participate?

The best way to claim airdrop $IMX is to purchase Gods Unchained cards from an Immutable X powered marketplace.

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In our upcoming whitepaper, we will share the motivation, system architecture and detailed tokenomics of $IMX.

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