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Kaidro is a story-driven, multiplayer action RPG set in a vibrant anime-style world.

Kaidro is coming soon.

Kaidro: Clan Battles will feature an innovative game mode called "Bounty Hunt". This unique mode will pit three teams of three players against each other and a powerful interdimensional being of the Void. The aim of the mode is for teams of cooperating players to pilot their customised Mechs, strategically take down other teams, and ultimately defeat the Void Entity to claim victory, and gain the rewards that follow.

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From books to movies to video games, the portability of stories across different platforms is a key indicator of success for megahit franchises like Harry Potter and Star Wars. 

Now, Web3 gaming is the next logical medium where transmedia narratives can expand. Gadget-Bot Productions is doing exactly this with its upcoming Web3 project, Kaidro the Game.

Starting as a popular webcomic in 2020, Kaidro: The Awakening, Gadget-Bot is finally bringing Kaidro’s spectacular world onto the blockchain. Set in a war-torn universe between the technologically-advanced Tarkarians and spiritually-adept K’ailantians, Kaidro the Game is an anime-style, action role-playing game (RPG) where players can pilot mechs and fight ferocious void creatures. While readers had a glimpse of the Kaidro universe in the first Webtoon series, players can explore a more vast version of this world as they go through the game’s dynamic storyline.

As Gadget-Bot crafts an ever-expanding, story-rich universe, Immutable will provide the necessary resources to bring this incredible storytelling experience to the masses. Using our cutting-edge ZK-rollup technology, users can trade all Kaidro NFTs gas-free, at lightning-fast speeds, without compromising their digital assets’ safety. Apart from the unparalleled scale, Kaidro’s integration into Immutable’s global shared orderbook will also drive more eyeballs and liquidity to the game’s ecosystem.

A Los Angeles-based premier design studio, Gadget-Bot Productions was founded by the brilliant writer and art director duo, Peggy Chung and Robert Simons. Since it was established in 2011, Gadget-Bot has worked on multiple blockbuster projects such as Alita: Battle Angel, Jurassic World, Westworld, Ender’s Game, Transformers 4, Pacific Rim, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and more.

Kaidro was born out of the cofounders’ love of sci-fi mecha anime and extensive background in storytelling and visual direction. With over ten years in development, the team is now seeing their decade-long hard work paying off.

Following their hit Webtoon series which currently has over 1.6M views, Gadget-Bot is working on a new Web3 game based on the comic’s namesake. Along with the launch of the game’s alpha and beta tests this year, fans can also expect the release of Kaidro’s on-chain token ($KDR), as well as a huge collection featuring 10,000 NFT mechs, pilots, and spirit guardians.

For more information on how Kaidro the Game and Immutable are weaving the next best story-driven RPG into the blockchain, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.